Appendicitis - Leo Morgenstern

While sitting in biology class, self described “not a playwright” Ethan Godel found himself sympathizing with the loneliest of organs: the appendix. Knowing that he needed to do something to help, but not sure what, Ethan set out to create a piece of theatre which could educate the public on the tribulations of life as an appendix. The end result was more entertaining than educational, but hopefully audiences will still be able to hear the important message of Appendicitis The Musical underneath the sound of uproarious laughter. Those sitting in the first three rows should come prepared to get wet.

Appendicitis The Musical is not a musical. Nor does it contain any factual information about appendicitis. In fact, the only word in its title that holds any truth is “the”. Unfortunately, The is not a very good title. So we’re calling it Appendicitis The Musical. Confused? Come see our show.


Directed by Lila Mackenzie
Stage Managed by Alison Beckwith
Produced by Leo Morgenstern
Costume Design by Zoë Walton
Makeup: Sidney Elliott
Featuring: Ryan Bobkin, Kasi McAuley, Riley Goldsmith, Kayla Steinhouse, Ethan Mendell, David Ariza, Zac Goldkind, Jonny Micay, Alisa Kanda Kovac, Mackenzie Telenko, Maya Weidman, Leo Morgenstern
Mentored by Colin Doyle

Special Thank Yous:
Michael Ross Albert, John Mullaley




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