Another Knock at the Door - Red Hauser

A birthday party in honour of Death and attended by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse was not expected to go badly. However, seven uninvited (and deadly) guests decide to change that. A frequently interrupted poker game, a shutdown bar, and an argument regarding cake that results in a stabbing are just some of the almost apocalyptic events that occur during what was supposed to be a nice evening between old friends. Another Knock at the Door is an original dark comedy about what can happen when nothing goes according to plan.


Written, Directed, and Stage Managed by Red Hauser
Featuring: Lexy Currie, Kyleigh Murray, Carolyn Dandie, Danielle Wells, Brayden Hunter, Mackenzie Olsen, Callum Cooper, Shiloh Dunk, Leif Olsen, Jill Pinkney, Hannah Morikawa
Assistant Stage Manager: Natalie Wells
Lighting: Andrew Mietkiewicz
Audio: Tara Dimitrovski
Stage Hands: Robert Clouse, Sarah Johnston, Danielle Mota, Abby Mirrlees
Special-effects makeup: Abby Mirrlees
Makeup: Shelby Dockendorff
Mentored by Dov Mickelson

Special Thank Yous:
Aggrey Sutherland, The Hauser Family




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