The TD Creators Unit is a chance for individual artists to explore collective creation and performance. This program is composed of poets, musicians, dancers, actors, directors, playwrights, and anyone who is interested in being part of a tight-knit creative team. The piece devised by the TD Creators Unit can take any form the group envisions; this is a place to take artistic risks, experiment with ideas, and try things you’ve been imagining. The professional facilitators guide the group in the creation of the entire project, from early ideas to final presentation. The work created by the TD Creators Unit is shared at the Paprika Festival.

The 2019/20 TD Creators Unit Facilitators are Erum Khan & Tijiki Morris. To learn more about this year’s facilitators, click here!

This year’s participants:

(The) Thoughts Between Our Heads

Created by Ingrid Liu, Ainsley Munro, Sarah Kaufmann, Whitney Kyera-Ampadu, and Ainsley Munro,

Mentorship by Erum Khan and Tijiki Morris

In this cinematic dreamscape, four strangers find themselves travelling through different fragments of time and memories.

(The) Thoughts Between Our Heads premieres Thurs. July 16 at 7pm EDT.