Go Home

Written and performed by: Cathy Huang

Go Home is comprised of vignettes about three generations of Chinese Canadian women – myself, my mother, and popo. It is presented through monologue, spoken word, movement, music, multimedia, and mask and fabric work. The play explores themes of love, family, tradition, culture, fetishization, assault, language, shame, belonging, and what it really means to be “home”.

As the model minority, Asians are often forgotten in the discussion of racism, and I wanted to explore the idea that racism doesn’t always look like violent encounters and physical threats. I grew up thinking I couldn’t be an actress because I wasn’t white, so I started writing those roles for myself. Go Home is for those who don’t see themselves represented.

Mentor: Jeff Ho

Playwright: Cathy Huang

Created by: Cathy Huang & Kristina Kuhnert

Directed by:  Darrel Gamotin

Stage Manager:  Mariah Ventura

Sound Designer:  Warren Kang

Cast: Cathy Huang

Duration: 60 minutes

Elders & Mentors: Jennifer Neales, Evangelia Kambites, Ellie Posadas

Special Thanks:  mom, dad, Charley, and popo

Heads Up: Go Home contains coarse language, sex / suggestive scenes and language, intense discussions of racism, Orientalism, and sexism, depictions of violence, death, and sexual assault / trauma, strobe lights and loud audio effects.

Schedule: Tuesday May 15 at 9:15PM | Wednesday May 16 at 6PM | Saturday, May 19 at 8:15PM