Where does the Festival take place?

The 17th Paprika Festival will be presented in partnership with Native Earth Performing Arts at the Aki Studio Theatre in the Daniels Spectrum building in Regent Park.

What are the important dates of the program?

Here’s a run-down of important dates:

  • Deadline to apply to all programs: October 3, 2017

  • Meet & Greet for all participants: December 10, 2017

  • Training Days for all participants (mandatory):
    January 28, 2018
    February 25, 2018
    March 25, 2018
    April 29 2018

  • Technical Theatre Workshop for all stage managers & designers (optional for other participants):  April 28, 2018

  • 17th Annual Paprika Festival: May 14-20, 2018

How many artists do you enrol in your programs?

Our enrolment numbers vary from year to year, but here’s what we’re looking at in this season:

Paprika Productions:  Up to 3 productions
TD Creator’s Unit: Up to 15 participants
Playwriting: Up to 8 participants
The Director’s Lab:  2 participants
Indigenous Program: 2 participants
Festival Administrators: Up to 15 participants

Can I do Paprika if I’m in school?

Absolutely – most of our participants are high school or post-secondary students.

Paprika requires strong time management skills. Everything happens after 3pm on weekdays or on weekends. The busiest time will be the week of tech rehearsals (May 7-13, 2018) and the Festival itself (May 14-20, 2018).

Some programs meet a lot (TD Creator’s Unit, Festival Administrators, Writer’s Circle) where others are tailored around your schedule (Director’s Lab, Playwrights in Residence, Indigenous Program, Productions). Think about what works for you.

We hope for full and enthusiastic commitment from each artist we bring on board. This is a professional training program and the opportunities provided will reward those who give it their best.

Can I do Paprika if I’m older than 21?

Yes, you can! Our programs have suggested age ranges but we’re interested in making exceptions to this for younger people with a specific need for more advanced training and for older people who are new to the arts.

Suggested ages by program:
TD Creator’s Unit: 15-21
Paprika Productions: 15-21
Playwriting: 15-21
Director’s Lab: 15-30
Indigenous Program: 15-30
Festival Administrators: 21-25

Are there any costs to participate?

There is no fee to be in any of our programs and lunch is provided at our Training Days. We do our best to reduce as many barriers to participation as possible.
Personal costs may include: travel to and from the theatre, training days, and rehearsals, and any desired production elements like costumes, props, set, and rehearsal space.

Does Paprika pay for production costs?

We provide the Festival venue and pay for a professional technician to hang lighting and support you through technical rehearsals, but we do not provide a budget for rehearsal space, set, costume, or prop expenses of individual productions.

Remember – many things can be borrowed or made for little to no cost, and most Paprika shows are performed with simple (and sometimes no) set/props to great effect. Good design doesn’t have to be expensive.

Marketing & publicity of your project is included within the Festival marketing as a whole, and we’ll coach you on how to personally market your show to your circles (we print Festival programs but not individual production posters, etc.).

What about space?

Space is provided at no cost for our facilitated programs – our Creators Unit and our Indigenous Program. Participants in the Director’s Lab and Paprika Productions programs are required to find space on their own to rehearse, however we do provide resources to participants to help them find discounted rehearsal space in the city.

What if I don’t live in Toronto?

We have had participants from Ottawa, London, Hamilton, Oakville and from across the GTA. We’re happy to work with you to find a way that you can be involved. It will require multiple travel dates within the year, but there is flexibility for out-of-towners. We will often seek out artistic mentors who are local to your region and have them work with you in your community.

Have a question that the FAQ didn’t cover? Email Artistic Producer, Ali Joy Richardson at ali@paprikafestival.com