She Is Right Here

Should I do this? I don’t know if I should do this. Please answer me. This is a bad idea, isn’t it? Using text from journal entries, movement and encounters with strange European men, She is Right Here is a solo piece that follows a young woman trying to figure out why she isn’t doing something.


Creator/Performer: Celia Green

Director: Amy Nostbakken

Show Image: Celeste Gibson

Mentor: Amy Nostbakken

Special Thanks: Mallory Mahoney, Julia Vodarek Hunter, Bikram Yoga Yonge, Rosamund Small


30 minutes


Tuesday May 24, 7:15pm (Double-Bill: 13 Times When)

Saturday May 28, 8:15pm (Double-Bill: Plum BOMB)

Sunday May 29, 2pm (Triple-Bill: I’ll Miss You A Little & We Are XX)



Each year, Paprika develops and produces new plays and/or creative projects of various lengths with the support of professional artist mentors. Projects can be presented in a variety of forms. Performance based works that are experimental incorporate non-linear forms of writing, visual art, dance or other art forms. They can also be conventional plays, solo-performances or large-scale productions. Paprika provides each company an artistic mentor who is a professional with expertise in specific areas of focus. The team at Paprika works with the company to find the best mentor pairing and to ensure their project is as strong as possible.