Mature Content Advisory

One summer day, a young Filipina realizes she can’t say no to white people. Then, the local convenience store runs out of chocolate milk and starts only selling white milk… Which obviously means that there is a serious problem in the world. Plum BOMB is a comedy that investigates what it takes for young people of colour to say no and whether it even matters or not. How loud do we scream in order to be heard? What do we blow up in order to be seen?


Playwright: Bilal Baig

Director: Yolanda Bonnell

Assistant Director: Aldrin Bundoc

Featuring: Maddie Bautista, Shayana Burnett, Bilal Baig

Stage Manager: Deborah Lim

Lighting: Deborah Lim

Sound: Yolanda Bonnell, Aldrin Bundoc

Mentor: Meghan Swaby

Special Thanks: Lou Bautista, Marie Beath Badian, Jeff Ho, Sabio Emerencia-Collins, Native Earth Performing Arts, Humber Theatre, George Brown College


60 minutes


Wednesday May 25, 8:15pm (Double-Bill: Re:Lewis)

Friday May 27, 8 pm (Double-Bill: Director’s Lab)

Saturday May 28, 8:15pm (Double-Bill: She is Right Here)



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