(A Staged Reading of an Excerpt)


Phillis is an awe inspiring musical about a young girl captured and brought to America as a slave. Thought to be ‘unintelligent’; she teaches herself how to read and later discovers she has a love for writing poetry. This musical follows her through her happiness and sadness, through her triumphs and downfalls and through her personal struggles; Phillis will discover what it means to belong in a world that is incredibly unfair. Phillis: A New Musical, will inspire you to find your inner poet.

Written by Keira Silverglen, 15 – a writer, actor and ‘award winning’ spoken word poet – following in Phillis’s footsteps.


Playwright: Keira Silverglen

Special Thanks: My Parents


Saturday May 28, 11:30am (with other Writers’ Circle excerpts)


The Writers’ Circle is where writers of all levels of experience meet with a facilitator to work on their artistic pursuits.  The writers benefit from the facilitator’s professional experience, chat with guest writers, and learn from each other.  Each Writer presents an excerpt of their work in the Festival, performed for an audience by professional actors.