Set to a soundtrack of smoky Gershwin tunes and symphonies epic in scale, Intermezzo is a tragicomedy that follows the Wexler sisters, two once-estranged millenials.  When Moriah moves back to Toronto following a brief, unsuccessful stint as an entertainer in Los Angeles, she brings with her old memories, relationships, neuroses, and secrets.  The play is a true intermezzo, a brief moment in the lives of two sisters, who must ultimately decide if the secrets they keep are enough to threaten not just their relationship, but the stability of their lives.


Playwright: Seth Gordon

Director: Vivi Diaz

Featuring: Saskia Muller, Max Ackerman, David Harding, Jacqueline Levitan, Rosalia Vagalatis, Eric Venis, Daniel Halpern

Stage Manager: Alexandra Jones

Lighting/Sound: Ethan Mendell & Vivi Diaz

Mentors: Pip Bradford & Rebecca Perry

Special Thanks: Shelly & Maurice Levitan, Dan & Margo Gordon, Andrea Most & Alan Ackerman, Robert Halpern & Barbara Dominic, Patty & John Vagalatis, John & Andria Muller


60 minutes


Monday May 23, 6pm (Double-Bill: Blue)

Tuesday May 24, 4:45pm (Double-Bill: We Are XX)



Each year, Paprika develops and produces new plays and/or creative projects of various lengths with the support of professional artist mentors. Projects can be presented in a variety of forms. Performance based works that are experimental incorporate non-linear forms of writing, visual art, dance or other art forms. They can also be conventional plays, solo-performances or large-scale productions. Paprika provides each company an artistic mentor who is a professional with expertise in specific areas of focus. The team at Paprika works with the company to find the best mentor pairing and to ensure their project is as strong as possible.