sleepless nights

Creators: Olivia Costes, Magda Uculmana-Falcon, Laura Farrugia, Kemi King, Michelle Paunov, Troy Sarju, Jeremy Vincent Abrazado Urbina












“Dreams say what they mean, but they don’t say it in daytime language.” – Gail Godwin.
Have you ever questioned a dream, or better yet, WHY we dream? sleepless nights is a venture into the unconscious mind to extract the realities that blossom in our brains during the night. Join the Paprika Creators Unit in an immersive theatre experience as we travel through hopes, fears, and desires that can’t be shown in the state of awake. The realm of the subconscious mind shows more than we care to see. Are you willing to unlock your own secrets?

Stage Manager: Laura Farrugia

Mentor: Jasmine Chen and Miquelon Rodriguez

Warnings: Strobe lights. Profanity. Strong language. Mature themes.

Duration: 60 minutes.

Schedule: Monday, May 22- 6:30PM Tuesday, May 23- 6:30PM Tuesday, May 23- 9:15PM