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In this psychedelic dark comedy we explore the world through the eyes of 17 year old Blue Dickson, struggling to keep up with his alcoholic mother, Satan loving sister, and very insecure dad. How would you feel if everyone you knew sung a rhyme about your depression? Or kicked you out of your own family to adopt your best friend? In this show, we explore these questions through movement, dialogue, dance, live music and most importantly, comedy. Come watch the Dicksons in action as they tear Blue’s life apart for fun.


Playwright: Madison Phyper

Director: Madison Phyper

Featuring: Alexia Hantziantoniou Asha Kilroy, Calvin Eiberts, Duncan Briggs, Duncan Crouch, Maisie Harrison, William Dao, Bella Larsen

Stage Manager: Taylor Whitaker

Lighting: Mathilda Kane

Sound: Jacob Curtin

Costumes: Chloe Gifford

Mentor: Anika Johnson

Special Thanks: My parents, for letting us use their house to rehearse.


Diffraction Glasses


30 minutes


Monday May 23, 6pm (Double-Bill: Intermezzo)

Wednesday May 25, 5:15pm (Triple-Bill: I’ll Miss You A Little & 13 Times When)

Sunday May 29, 5pm (Double-Bill: I’m Not A Thing)



Each year, Paprika develops and produces new plays and/or creative projects of various lengths with the support of professional artist mentors. Projects can be presented in a variety of forms. Performance based works that are experimental incorporate non-linear forms of writing, visual art, dance or other art forms. They can also be conventional plays, solo-performances or large-scale productions. Paprika provides each company an artistic mentor who is a professional with expertise in specific areas of focus. The team at Paprika works with the company to find the best mentor pairing and to ensure their project is as strong as possible.