A free public reading

Thoughts of Her - Ariadne Cabon

Twenty-year-old Adam sits across from his therapist trying to fight his darkest demons and inner compulsions. When his twelve year old niece comes back into his life unexpectedly, his efforts to find composure are shaken. As his therapist attempts to guide him through the experience, Adam knows he’s on the brink of disaster.


Paprika Playwright-In Residence
Written by Ariadne Cabon
Mentored by Jordi Mand

Strong Sexual Themes




30 minutes


Friday May 8, 5:00pm


The emphasis of this program is on the process of developing a full draft of a script for the stage. Playwrights work on their own time, and for up to 10 hours with a Professional Artist Mentor. Playwrights meet with each other throughout the season to share their processes and learn from each other. Professional actors read the play for the playwright, the playwright’s mentor, and Festival staff in a table read two months before the Festival. This gives the playwright a chance to learn about their work and about how to conduct a professional writing development process. A formal staged reading of a full draft of each script is presented as part of the Festival for a public audience.