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Barbara - Orly Zebak

Barbara explores the absurd life of Barbara, Miss Beverly Hills. Set sometime in the 1950’s on a sound stage, the play is an exploration into Barbara’s life after her face has suddenly turned into a prune! Though Barbara exists as a woman in a different era, Barbara’s exploration of what it means to be a woman is still prevalent today. Packed with hilarity and drama Barbara searches to discover where do women really have power?


New Writers Series, A Showcase
Written by Orly Zebak
Mentored by Laura Anne Harris




3.5 hours (with appropriate intermissions)
(Excerpts are presented from 6 new plays in Paprika’s New Writers Series)


Saturday May 9, 12:00pm


The New Writers Series is designed for artists new to the process of playwriting. Participants are assigned a mentor to work one-on-one with them over the course of the year. Writers have a large amount of input in how they want to develop their work, what kind of professional artist mentor they would like to connect with, and what their final goal will be (a full draft, a one-act play, a completed first act, etc). Each ‘New Writer’ presents an excerpt of their work in the Festival, performed for an audience by professional actors.