Cozy Winter Games Night!

A mid-semester stress-buster!

Looking to satisfy your hedonistic cravings? Well, you're in luck! For $5 ($2.50 for 2016 Paprika Festival artists), you and yours will have unlimited access to a variety of board games. You can win prizes! You can devour a variety of baked goods! You can guzzle fresh coffee, and hot chocolate – all freshly made in-house with love! And if you get a craving for a little more creativity, we’ve got you covered. Our fundraiser, organized by the 2016 Advisory Board, features a $2 used book sale.

Join us on Saturday February 6, 2016, at the Helen Gardner Playhouse Lobby (79 George St) 4pm-8pm, dressed in your best homage to your favourite fantastic character. Fellow nerds, artists and story-lovers will keep you in warm company.

All proceeds go to support the Paprika Festival, including our second annual artist conference The Intersection.

Come hibernate with us!

~Sukaina Ibraheem
Advisory Board Member 2016