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Project Original at Ontario’s Celebration Zone, July 19-23

  The Paprika Festival's Project Original is returning to the stage as part of Ontario's Celebration Zone during the 2015 PanAm Games! If you missed this fantastic show during our May festival, you have 5 more chances to catch it (new and improved) before it's gone! Project Original explores a compilation of ideas, thoughts and stories from Toronto’s diverse Alexandra Park community. How do we identify with our communities? What does it feel like to fit in, versus not? What happens when outsiders want to change that community? What does “revitalization” really mean? Join us in our search to answer these beautiful, complicated questions, spray painting blank walls, jumping fences, and encountering the powers that be.  

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Thank you

Thank you to all those who have applied to our programs for the 2014/2015 season. Stay tuned to our blog for photos, updates and posts from this year's artists.

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Being a Playwright-in-Residence at the Paprika Festival

Ok, I'm not gonna lie, I've sat long and thought hard about what to say about being a playwright in residence at the Paprika Festival. I am tempted to say all of the typical, though not untrue things such as doors of opportunities have been opened and I've been blessed by the magical touch of theatrical inspiration during my journey with Paprika (no sarcasm intended), but we all know that experiences vary greatly between individuals- I mean let's be real here, you may not have doors opened for you, they may already be open, you may not be touched by the divine hand of theatrical inspaghettio and whatnot but there is one thing that will remain constant, if you're a writer in need for a place to share the madness of trying to create a worthy piece of work, this is certainly the right place to find the right people to do that with. There is so much to learn in a place full of great minds generating original ideas, being a part of this program has pushed me to discover parts of myself that I didn't even know exist.... much like an astronomer (or more impressively, an astronaut) discovering a brand new planet that has been here in our very solar system this entire time...astonishing!

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Media page is online

Check out some of our past stories here!

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Resurgence, or How I Got into Paprika and Love the Theatre Even More

Hello everyone. My name is Romina and I'm a third year student at York University, doing a double-major in Communication Studies and Sociology. When I'm not pursuing a liberal arts degree, I spend my time surfing the web, obsessing over shows like Doctor Who, Simpsons, and Parks and Rec, and write whatever's on my mind. This is my first year at Paprika and I'm a playwright under the Mini-Mentorships program.

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Defining Paprika After my 2 Great Years…

There’s something I’ve learned to expect when I tell somebody I’m part of the Paprika Festival, and it’s not a gasp of recognition or a bow of respect, it’s that person asking me what exactly the Paprika Festival is.  It’s funny, because for a while I wasn’t sure what to tell them.  It’s a lot easier to do now that I’ve got a good chunk of experience, but at first, this question left me almost as stumped as them.

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Tenderhooks Trip-it to Toronto

The Paprika Festival’s Tenderhooks crew has quite the commute. Planes, trains, automobiles, helicopters, spaceships and Greyhounds (the racing kind) are all needed to get this bunch from their home in Ottawa to the Paprika clubhouse in Toronto. The once a month road trip doesn’t seem to slow down Hannah, Connor and Alysa.  It fuels their excitement. This party of three is on a mission for artistic and creative fulfillment. From the Paprika Training days, the Toronto theatre scene and many trips to Value Village this sorority of thespians are getting their fill.

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