Being a Playwright-in-Residence at the Paprika Festival

Ok, I'm not gonna lie, I've sat long and thought hard about what to say about being a playwright in residence at the Paprika Festival. I am tempted to say all of the typical, though not untrue things such as doors of opportunities have been opened and I've been blessed by the magical touch of theatrical inspiration during my journey with Paprika (no sarcasm intended), but we all know that experiences vary greatly between individuals- I mean let's be real here, you may not have doors opened for you, they may already be open, you may not be touched by the divine hand of theatrical inspaghettio and whatnot but there is one thing that will remain constant, if you're a writer in need for a place to share the madness of trying to create a worthy piece of work, this is certainly the right place to find the right people to do that with. There is so much to learn in a place full of great minds generating original ideas, being a part of this program has pushed me to discover parts of myself that I didn't even know exist.... much like an astronomer (or more impressively, an astronaut) discovering a brand new planet that has been here in our very solar system this entire time...astonishing!

During this process of discovery I've felt joy, happiness, anxiety, blissful nausea and dreadful satisfaction, a rollercoaster of emotions. And who doesn't like rollercoasters? Ok true, my grandma probably doesn't like them very much, but you get the point. It's one helluva ride.

So what are you waiting for, come check us out to see what kind of delicacies are brewing in the minds of our young generation, or jump in with us if you've got something brewing yourself!