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Our annual summer clothing sale is back, and this year we are making it a REALLY BIG DEAL because it's our last event as a 15-year-old and we are so super stoked to turn sweet 16!

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Interview Series – Regent Collective on We Are XX

Three women reveal never-before shared stories and secrets from their lives in a theatrical dismantling of gender and cultural expectations. Their inner-most desires, frustrations, hopes, fears, and triumphs take centre stage in this deeply personal, collectively-created piece.

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Interview Series – Director’s Lab – Aracely Reyes and Faerie Dust

Aracely Reyes, our second participant of the Director's Lab program, facilitated by Clare Preuss, sits down with Advisory Board Member Sukaina Ibraheem to share details about her creation process, growth and ambitions for her play Faerie Dust, mentored by Jiv Parasram.

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Interview Series – Productions – Celia Green on She is Right Here

Celia Green, the artist behind She is Right Here, a production mentored by Amy Nostbakken shares details with Advisory Board Leader Sabah Haque about her creation process, and her ambitions.

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Interview Series – Writers’ Circle – Aryn Strickland on The Places We’ve Been

Aryn Strickland, member of the Writers' Circle shares details with about her process, her ambitions and journey of her blooming theatre career with Advisory Board Leader Sabah Haque. Aryn developed her play The Places We've Been over the season under the guidance of Festival Associate, actor and playwright Jeff Ho.

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Interview Series – Productions – Intermezzo

Advisory Board member Deanna Galati interviews the cast and crew of Intermezzo to discuss their show, and process. The ensemble: Alexandra Jones, Vivi Diaz, Max Akerman, Jacqueline Levitan, Daniel Halpern, David Harding, Rosalia Vagalatis, Eric Venis and Saskia Muller sat down together to answer these questions as a collective about the development of their piece.

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Interview Series – Productions – Bilal Baig on Plum BOMB

Advisory Board Leader Sabah Haque pins down the bustling Bilal Baig, who shares a little insight on the creation of his play Plum BOMB with his beautiful ensemble, under the guidance of playwright and actor Meghan Swaby.

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Interview Series – Director’s Lab – Ali Joy Richardson and O

Want to see how I die on stage? I’ve had lots of practice dying prettily... pro-tip: die facing up-stage so they can’t see you breathing and rolling your eyes.

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Interview Series – Playwrights In Residence – Ryan Borochovitz and his play A Sphinx Lands in Corinth

Advisory Board Leader Sabah Haque returns with an interview with Ryan Borochovitz, the last of this season's Playwrights in Residence, who has developed his play A Sphinx Lands in Corinth under the guidance of Artistic Programs Manager Rosamund Small and Canadian poet and playwright Adam Seelig. Ryan spares no detail as he shares thoughts about his work and his ambitions as a theatre artist.

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