Artistic Producer Announcement


Paprika Festival is thrilled to announce the hiring of Kanika Ambrose as incoming Artistic Producer. She will be working and training alongside current Artistic Producer Ali Joy Richardson until July 2019 when she will assume the role in full alongside Paprika’s General Manager Daniel Carter.

Kanika is bringing exciting artistic expertise and her full-hearted commitment to mentorship. This job requires a unique mix of fearless leadership and deep care for others. You need to have intricate knowledge of our current ecology, plus a willingness to shake things up and see where Paprika can beautifully rebel. We are so lucky to have Kanika joining the team.

- Ali Joy Richardson, current Artistic Producer

KANIKA AMBROSE is a Toronto-based playwright and librettist. She was Obsidian Theatre Company's OAC Playwright-in-Residence last season and is in Cahoots Theatre Company's Hot House for the third time this season. Her work has been featured in Tapestry Opera’s Tapestry Briefs, the 39th Rhubarb Festival, Black Lives, Black Words and Rising Tides Showcase. She is librettist of "Anansi and the Great Light" which premiered at Curtis Institute in Philadelphia in March 2019. She is a Dora Award nominee for her role in Binti’s Journey, and was part of the Dora nominated Outstanding Production, Obeah Opera. Kanika is a graduate of Ryerson Theatre School and is founder of Dominican bélé dance group, Mabouya Dance Company. She was featured as one of Cahoots Theatre Company's 30 for 30 theatremakers for their 30th anniversary season.

“As a past participant of Paprika Festival, I have felt the impact that this festival can have in the life of a young person. It was through this festival that I met my mentor who is still one of my mentors to this day. She was the one who encouraged me to go to theatre school, wrote me a recommendation letter, and here I am today! Paprika is vital, not only for the many young people that it serves, but our entire community. It's a safe space where young artists can take artistic risk in a setting which is professional and respectful of their work.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve this work. I hope to continue to build on the tremendous work of the leaders before me, adding my own bit of spice along the way!”

- Kanika Ambrose, incoming Artistic Producer