Paprika’s list of alumni is extensive and wide-reaching. Here are some former Paprika participants who continue to create for the stage:

Rob Kempson (playwright / educator), Rosamund Small (playwright), Briana Brown (creative writer / director), Sarah Miller Garvin (film maker / independent artist), Mitchell Cushman (Dora Award winning director), Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman (playwright), Emily Sugerman (playwright), Johnnie Walker (playwright / director / performer), Frank Cox O’Connell (actor / creator), Bethany Jillard, David Rendall, Daniel Karasik (playwright / fiction writer), Naomi Skwarna, Jayne Collins, Mitchell Marcus (award-winning producer / director), Julia Lederer (playwright), Britta Johnson (playwright/composer), Anthony Furey (Festival Founder / Journalist), Natasha Mytnowych (artist / managing director)

Fast Facts

  • There have been over 1000 participants in the Paprika Festival since its inception.
  • Dozens of different independent theatre companies formed through the Paprika Festival have gone on to do shows in the Fringe Festival, SummerWorks Performance Festival, New Ideas Festival, and the Rhubarb Festival.
  • Festival Alumni have been involved in theatre around the city: Theatre Revolve, Diaspora Dialogues, Tarragon Theatre, Factory Theatre, Obsidian Theatre, Bad Dog Theatre, Second City, The Canadian Stage Company, Theatre Passe Muraille, Clay and Paper Theatre, Toronto Fringe Festival, Luminato, Nuit Blanche.
  • Many of our playwrights have gone on to write for different publications such as: Shameless Magazine, Broken Pencil Magazine, The Varsity, Spin Magazine, Now Toronto Magazine, Eye Weekly, Toronto Star Junior Journalist and the Torontoist.


“I can’t imagine that much of my work would have seen the light of day without this festival. I can draw a direct line from my experience with Paprika and my work being heard and produced. ” — Rosamund Small, Dora award-winning playwright and Paprika alumni

“Paprika offers a nurturing and expansive entry point for young artists into the Toronto theatre scene and the Festival contributes significantly to our cultural fabric by growing the artists of tomorrow. ” — Mitchell Marcus, Artistic Producer, Acting Up Stage

“The Paprika Festival gave us the space to take risks and be fearless. We were given the support of wonderful artists who all helped in some way to shape our show. I feel validated as a young artist because Paprika takes my work seriously and their support has made me the artist I am today” — Bilal Baig, Paprika alumni and returning participant

“By inspiring young talent in a supportive and nurturing environment, the Paprika Festival has given my son the opportunity to showcase and develop his writing and directorial skills and receive incredible guidance from outstanding theatre professionals.” — Rena Godfrey, Parent of Paprika participant