AB stands for Absolute Best!

Hello fellow Paprikans,

I hope your spirits are keeping high over this incredibly long and harrowing "spring time" that seems to have fallen on Toronto again, but fear not! The Festival will happen before you know it and fill you back up with happiness and warmth and color (seriously, it's gonna happen, and I know you're all severely missing some/all of those things right now). Keep on trucking!!! THERE IS ALWAYS A PARTY! Remember that

For those of you who are turning 21 and are dreading thinking about the end of Paprika this year, don't fret! There are some pretty nifty options out there, and probably the coolest of them all is Advisory Board! And speaking of parties, that's pretty much what we do on AB.

Besides hanging out and eating food and playing some games, the AB is actually responsible for all of the pre- and post-show events during the Festival. If this is your first Paprika, think of fun dressup-themed tea parties before the matinees and country-style craft nights! We have even had open-mic nights and spa days!

We might make it look super easy (yeah, right) but there's quite a lot of planning and scheduling involved, plus setting up and taking down.

Another big thing we do is to help run the training days. This can be as simple as participating in games and challenges, or as complicated as planning and helping to run activities throughout the day. Occasionally we even get to give our input to Dan and tell him what we thought of an activity or event!

But when we're not running around taping, gluing and yelling, you can find us on certain Sunday evenings having grown-up conversations with important theatre personnel and picking their brains to gain the vastest knowledge. It sounds like I'm kidding but I swear we behave ourselves.

Does any of this sound like fun to you?

If so, keep it in mind when you're applying back next year. It's also a great option if you love Paprika, but are finding it really hard to balance school, multiple jobs and LIFE! We meet usually twice a month, plus training days and the week of the Festival.

Look at me, I liked the AB so much last year, I came back again!!
The after party (themed PROM<3) we planned last year was waaay too much fun, I had to.

Well, that's it for me, better get back to my Netfli--- homework...

Thanks for reading,