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Call for Board Members

The Paprika Theatre Festival (the “Festival”) is looking for volunteers interested in joining the Board of Directors (the “Board”). We seek people who love theatre and are committed to helping young artists develop their craft within a supportive, inclusive and empowering environment.

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Applications Now Open for 20th Annual Paprika Festival

Want to be a part of a community of young and emerging artists? See your ideas come to life with the 20th annual Paprika Festival! 

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In Solidarity

My name “Kanika Shani” means “marvelous black cloth” in Swahili. My father, born and raised in Dominica, picked it from a book of African names; their origins and meanings. Everything about my upbringing was to deliberately immerse me in black culture and history from the very beginning of my life. This includes all of the hard stuff. Over my childhood, I must have watched hundreds of videos about slavery, the civil rights movement, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X. I read about our Canadian and Caribbean black heroes and did presentations at school about Mary Ann Shad, Lincoln Alexander and Sojourner Truth. This work of my life brought a weight that I have carried with me my entire life.

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An Update on Paprika Festival and COVID-19

Hello friends and community members,

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An Update on Paprika Festival and COVID-19 – March 15

Re: An Update on Paprika Festival and COVID-19

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