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Interview Series – Productions – Intermezzo

Advisory Board member Deanna Galati interviews the cast and crew of Intermezzo to discuss their show, and process. The ensemble: Alexandra Jones, Vivi Diaz, Max Akerman, Jacqueline Levitan, Daniel Halpern, David Harding, Rosalia Vagalatis, Eric Venis and Saskia Muller sat down together to answer these questions as a collective about the development of their piece.

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Interview Series – Productions – Bilal Baig on Plum BOMB

Advisory Board Leader Sabah Haque pins down the bustling Bilal Baig, who shares a little insight on the creation of his play Plum BOMB with his beautiful ensemble, under the guidance of playwright and actor Meghan Swaby.

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Interview Series – Director’s Lab – Ali Joy Richardson and O

Want to see how I die on stage? I’ve had lots of practice dying prettily... pro-tip: die facing up-stage so they can’t see you breathing and rolling your eyes.

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Interview Series – Playwrights In Residence – Ryan Borochovitz and his play A Sphinx Lands in Corinth

Advisory Board Leader Sabah Haque returns with an interview with Ryan Borochovitz, the last of this season's Playwrights in Residence, who has developed his play A Sphinx Lands in Corinth under the guidance of Artistic Programs Manager Rosamund Small and Canadian poet and playwright Adam Seelig. Ryan spares no detail as he shares thoughts about his work and his ambitions as a theatre artist.

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Interview Series – Playwrights in Residence – Curtis te Brinke and his play Tire Swing

Advisory Board Leader Sabah Haque interviews Curtis te Brinke, one of Paprika’s Playwrights in Residence, who has worked over the past year to develop his play Tire Swing under the guidance of Artistic Programs Manger Rosamund Small and mentor Andrea Romaldi, Literary Manager at Tarragon Theatre. Curtis shares details about his process, his play Tire Swing, and his goals as one of Toronto's ambitious emerging artists.

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We're only weeks away from the 15th Paprika Festival! Join us from May 23rd to 29th at Native Earth Performing Art's Aki Studio (in the Daniels Spectrum) and experience new plays, dance performances, workshop productions, experimental art and more — All of it created by young artists. This is the art of tomorrow, see it first.

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What was #IntersectionTO?

It’s not every day an artist’s event starts trending on Twitter, but on March 13 #IntersectionTO lit it up. Not that online representationcould fully captured the vibe - you had to be there for that. The excitement in the line-up outside of registration carried throughout the workshops, into the debate and, if Twitter is any indication, people brought that energy home.

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Paprika is Hiring!

Are you our next General Manager? We're looking for an exciting young producer to join our leadership team - check out the application below! The application deadline is Friday, March 25, 2016.

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The Intersection – Memories from the First

We've launched the second annual The Intersection, with fresh new selection of workshops and debate series lead by a Toronto's very own cutting edge artists. We bring you an experience from our first ever conference below, from Paprika alumnae and Advisory Board member Tijana Spasic.

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Paprika Festival Announces: The Intersection


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